Ossoff and Warnock win races

Ossoff and Warnock: What does it mean?

John Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are the new senators from Georgia. After Ossoff and Warnock won Senate runoff races in Georgia on January 6, the Democrats took full control of Congress.

What will that mean for American going ahead?

Control of Congress? Maybe

The Democrats and Republicans have 50 senate seats each. The vice president, Kamala Harris, votes to break ties, giving the Democrats the win each time there’s a 50-50 vote.

However, there is already trouble brewing in the Democratic party between centrists, like Biden and Pelosi, and far-left members like Bernie Sanders and The Squad.

All it will take is for one Democrat to abstain or vote “present” to give Republicans the chance to oppose a Democratic initiative.

More Stimulus Coming

One of the first things a Biden administration and the Democrats will do is to send another stimulus check. It will either be the extra $1,400 they wanted before the Republicans negotiated them down to $600, or a new $2,000 check.

In addition, the Democrats have already begun discussing another round of stimulus payments to all Americans, or a “fourth check.”

An Unchallenged Agenda?

As we stated above, there are serious divides within the Democratic party. However, Donald Trump severely weakened the bonds among Republicans in Congress, which could give more of them cover to vote with Democrats on some issues.

On the other hand, many Democratic Party wish list items, such as overturning many or all of Donald Trump’s executive orders, should be easy to pass.

Democrats in fossil-fuel friendly states are not likely to vote for sweeping bans on coal, oil or gas, or their related uses. Look for reductions in fossil fuel use, joining the Paris Accord, and some money for fossil fuel industries to start to transition to new fuel sources or technologies.

Oil companies, for example, might start outfitting more of their gas stations with electric car battery charges, hoping to keep the market for refueling autos.

More Socialism on the Agenda

Technically, politicians like Ossoff and Warnock are not Socialists, they are New Deal Democrats. If you’re like most Americans, you don’t know what Socialism is, so you might have a hard time responding to far-left Dem agendas.

But yes, with the elections of Warnock and Ossoff, you will probably see the expansion and addition of New Deal Programs.